CECS 5400

Educational Telecommunications

Fall 2002

Tentative Schedule of Topics

Course Overview
August 29th, 2002
Audio Files for June 5, 2001
Topics & Graphics:
Course Overview (G. Knezek, 9/11/99, Realplayer)
Access Issues (G. Knezek, 9/11/99, Realplayer) (ppt) (html)
Introduction to Telecommunications (G. Knezek, 9/11/99, Realplayer, Intro 1)
(G. Knezek, 9/11/99, Realplayer, Intro 2) (ppt) (html)
(Discussion of Acronyms, Terms, Backbone, and Tiers listed below) (G. Knezek, 9/11/99, Realplayer))
Internet Glossary of Acronyms
Glossary of Internet Terms
Internet Exercise
NSF Backbone (Historical)
Texas Backbone (Historical)
Modern Backbone
Network Tiers

Historical Real Audio/Video Lectures:
Welcome video (G. Knezek, 1998, Realplayer 0:20 minute)
Relevant Terms & Concepts:
Jan 20, 1998: RealAudio 2.0 (14.4) (30 minutes)
RealVideo 5.0 (28.8 bps) [Courseweb] (30:39 min)
Jan 27, 1998: RealVideo 5.0 (28.8 bps) [Courseweb]
Other Resources:
Tutorial on Internet Addresses (www.webteacher.org/macnet, tutorial #3 courtesy NCTA Tech Corps)
Bibiographic Retrival Systems, Library and CD-ROM searching:
UNT Libraries
ERIC - Educational Resources

History of Telecommunications & Societal Impact
September 5th, 2002

AR 1, 2, & 11; WS 1 & 2
Discussion of Assignments (G. Knezek, 9/18/99, RealPlayer)
Demo of CUSeeMe (G. Knezek, 9/18/99, RealPlayer)
Topics & Graphics:
(Discussion of Progress, Costs, Trends, and Impact listed below) (G. Knezek, 9/18/99, RealPlayer)
Progress in Telecommunications
Cost of Petroleum
Service Charges
Computer Trends 1965-2000
Social impact (RealPlayer)
Security Issues (virus, theft, etc)
Historical Real Audio/Video Lectures:
Feb 2, 1998: RealVideo 5.0 (28.8 bps) [Panic] [Courseweb] (2:04 hr 18.3Mb)

Digital Communications
September 12th, 2002

RA 3 & 6; WS 3 & 4,
Topics & Graphics:
Information Processing Terms
Information Processing Terms Audio Explanation. (G. Knezek, 1998, RealAudio 2.0 14.4)

Voice Communication; Modem Communications;   Digital Communications;
Email: Pine, POP Mail, Groupwise, Simeon,
Pine/Eudora/Simeon Demo (1998: RealPlayer 5.0 28.8)
Sythesized email (G. Knezek, 1994, Realplayer 4 min)
Asynchronous vs. TCP/IP
Internet Connections (G. Knezek, 9/18/99, RealPlayer) (ppt) (html)
Modem Communication Terminology (also contains relevant audio link about Internet Connections)
FAX Communications
(Discussion of Japan Trends, Digital vs. Analog, Frequencies, ASCII listed below) (G. Knezek, 9/18/99, RealPlayer)
Cellular Phone in Japan 1996
Digital vs. Analog
Bell 103 Frequencies
Data Transmission
ASCII Code Sheet (Normal)
ASCII Code Sheet (Extended)
ASCII Exercise
Historical Real Audio/Video Lectures:
    Feb 10, 1998: 1st hr. (No Picture)
    Feb 10, 1998: 2nd hr. (RealPlayer 5.0 28.8)
    Feb 17, 1998: 1st 1.5 hr. (RealPlayer 5.0 28.8)
    Feb 17, 1998: 2nd hr. (RealPlayer 5.0 28.8)
    Feb 24, 1998: thru NSF backbone (RealAudio 5.0)
    Feb 24, 1998: 2nd half (Real Audio 5.0)
    Feb 24, 1998: Lecture (RealVideo 5.0)
Other Resources:
Tutorial on Netscape Mail (www.webteacher.org/macnet, tutorial #5 courtesy NCTA Tech Corps)
Tutorial on Mail Lists (www.webteacher.org/macnet, tutorial #13 courtesy NCTA Tech Corps
Turtorial on NewsReaders/Newsgroups (www.webteacher.org/macnet, tutorial #12 courtesy NCTA Tech Corps)

Wireless Communications
October 19th and 26th, 2002

AR 4 - 6; WS 5 & 6;
Topics & Grapics:
Update on Class Activities to Date (RealAudio 10/16/99)

Review Terms and Concepts (RealAudio 10/16/99)

(See also key term explanations at the top of the schedule of courses)
Fundamentals of Voice, Data, and Video Communications:
Radio Frequency Spectrum Part 1 (RealVideo 5.0 28.8), Radio Frequency Spectrum Part 2 (RealVideo 5.0 28.8)
Radio Frequency Spectrum Chart (RealAudio)
Powerline Data Communications (1986: G. Knezek ~9 min. RealVideo 5.0 28.8)

(RealAudio for Wavelength through TV Scanning Pattern)
Wavelength Calculation (Illustration+RealAudio)
Radio Frequency Modulation (RealAudio)
Repeaters / Transponders (RealAudio)
Packet Radio
RF Interference Video (G. S. Knezek, 1993, Realplayer, 4:35 min)
Cellular Telephones
World Cellular Use
KERA Tech Tips
Anatomy of a Cellular Call
Other Wireless Systems
Wireless Ad
Calculating Wavelength
Spread Spectrum
Service Bandwidth
Typical Digital Microwave Performance
Satellite Bands (RealAudio)
Television Transmission/SSTV
CRT tube diagram
CRT tube diagram
TV Scanning Pattern
Desktop Videoconferencing (ppt) (html) (RealAudio)
Communications Over Space and Time:
Time Zones (RealAudio)
GMT/UTC vs. Local Time
Greenwich Longitude 00.00.00 vs. International Date Line (180 Long.)
Greenwich pictures
London & Greenwich subway maps
London bridge
Naval Observatory
scenic view
a tourist
Time stamp
New Millennium
Electricity Travels
(RealAudio for Satellite Systems through Texas State-Wide Map Projection)
Satellite Systems
Satellite Receivers
Satellite Orbits
Satellite Positions
Private Earth Station
Azimuth vs. Elevation
Texas State-Wide Map Projection
Historical Real Audio/Video Lectures:
Mar 3, 1998: (1st part RealAudio 5.0) (2nd part RealAudio 5.0)
Mar 3, 1998: (1st part RealVideo)(2nd part ReadlVideo)(end and review)
Mar 24, 1998: (1st part RealAudio)(last part RealAudio)
Mar 24, 1998: (1st part RealVideo)(middle part RealVideo)(last part RealVideo)
Mar 31, 1998: (1st part RealAudio)(middle part RealAudio)
Apr 6, 1998: (1st 15min Real Audio)(middle part RealAudio)(last part Real Audio)
Other Resources:
Teleconferencing (www.webteacher.org/macnet, tutorial #15 courtesy NCTA Tech Corps)

Computer Networks
September 26th, 2002

    AR 9 & 10; WS 7 & 8;
Topics & Grapics:
Typical Network - 1985
Typical Network - 1990
Fiber Optics
Layered Protocols
Seven Layer Model
Seven Layer Model Cont.
Computer Networks - Peterson Chapter 1
Different Cable Speeds
Historical Real Audio/Video Lectures:
Apr 14, 1998:  (1st part RealAudio)

Distance Education
October 10th, 2002

Distance Learning (www.webteacher.org/macnet, tutorial #16 courtesy NCTA Tech Corps)
Ashton, J ()Virtual Schools & Universities. (pdf) Denton, TX: Texas Center for Educational Technology. pages 4-6.
Lai, K. (1997) Interactivity in Web-Based Learning: Some Observations Based on a Web-Based Course about CMC in Education in Collis, B. & Knezek, G. Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age. Eugene, OR: International Society for Technology in Education.
Mortensen, M., Hubbard, G., & Rodgers, B. (1997) Distance Education II: Research, Law, Practice and Opportunity. (pdf) Denton, TX: Texas Center for Educational Technology.
chapters 1, 7, appendix III
Mortensen, M., & Knezek, G. (1994) Teaching in a Two-way Video and Audio Distance Learning Classroom: Perspectives from the First Year. The Eleventh International Conference on Technology in Education.
Topics & Grapics:
Curriculum Integration  (Mar 31, 1998: - Guest Lecture - Dr. Rhonda Christensen (Real Audio) (html)
Learning and Working in a Virtual Hypermedia Environment (Dr. Roumen Nikolov)
(April 14, 1998: - Guest Lecture * Dr. Roumen Nikolov) (Real Audio) (html)
Audio vs.Video vs. Computer Mediated Communication
Digital Video Transmission/Videoconferencing
Typical Digital Microwave Performance
NSF Backbone
T series transmission hierarchy
Network Tiers
CU-See Me Reflector Lists
Elements of an Effective CU-SeeMe Video Conference
Distance Education - Mortensen
TI-IN / PEACESAT / Shimomeguro Japan
Topics chosen for final paper and presentation

Other Resources:
Technology Applications and Resources for Schools (ppt) (html)
April 21, 1998: (1st part RealAudio)(START)
START web site: www.tcet.unt.edu/START

Advanced Topics & Presentations
October 17th and 24th, 2002

Examples of Final Projects from 1999 Course  (RealAudio)
Final Project Presentations from 1999 course.