CECS 5610

Analysis of Research in Educational Technology

Fall 2002

General Information


Course Description:

    Interpretation, analysis and synthesis of current research in educational technology for the purpose of integrating research methodology and application to educational environments.

    This course has five objectives:

    1. The student will prepare a summary of experimental research and present the summary in class.
    2. The student will write a critique of an experimental research study.
    3. The student will classify various experimental and statistical variables, and types of experimental designs.
    4. The student will produce a research design document and present the design to the class.

Class Listserv:

  • Listserv - if you are not already on a selected discussion list for your group, please send an email to your designated clinical faculty from the email address you would like to have on designated class discussion list.

Meeting Information:


  • Access to an Internet browser, an Internet service provider and e-mail will be necessary for those enrolling in this course. A Real Player plug-in is needed and can be downloaded at www.real.com.

    Materials for this course are by Dr. Gerald Knezek and Dr Jon Young.

  • E-mail access is required as well.

  • Students are expected to participate in discussions in person or via E-mail.

  • There will be three assignments .