CECS 5100.020

Survey of Educational Computer Languages

Fall 2003

General Information


Course Description:

    A study of beginning computer programming using JavaScript, Perl, and HTML. Requires "hands-on" programming independent of classroom instruction. Topics include variables, simple and complex data structures, object-oriented design, debugging, and language uses.

Class Listserv:

  • The instructor will use the listserv system to communicate information to students throughout the class. It is your responsibility to read mail sent to that account listed in the class listserv, either by accessing the account directly or by forwarding mail sent to that account to another Internet e-mail account that you read on a regular basis. Contact the instructor if you need your email account on the list changed.

On-Line Virtual Meeting Information:

    The class will meet on the following dates using the Created Realities Group Distributed Learning Software to receive additional course instruction. Details on downloading the software and using it will be discussed on the course listserv.

    September 10 8pm CRG On-Line
    September 24 TIME TBD - 8pm ? CRG On-Line
    October 8 TIME TBD - 8pm ? CRG On-Line
    November 5 TIME TBD - 8pm ? CRG On-Line
    November 19 TIME TBD - 8pm ? CRG On-Line