CECS 6210

Interactive Multimedia

Fall 2003


Assignment #2 - Creation of On-Line and Locally Delivered Interactive Multimedia Subject

Due Date: October 29, 2003

Value: 10 points total


The student will create Interactive Multimedia content for use over two medias (Internet and local Computer) for the delivery of an educationally related topic. Example might include the use of advanced authoring tools (flash, director, etc) or web page techniques (CSS, JavaScript etc).


The purpose of this project is to implement concepts discussed in class in the creation of both on-line and on-computer delivered materials using Interactive Multimedia.


    1. The student can choose whatever topic for the project as long as the interaction presented relates to some form or learning or education. This means that at the end of the interaction, the project participants would have been exposed to learning or information.

    2. The content should include some form of video to be captured and placed into the project. The video will need to be converted to appropriate formats for deliver via the Internet or a local computer.

    3. The student is expected to support three forms of interaction as discussed in class when creating their Interactive Multimedia. The student will be expected to explain which three methods of interaction were supported during the class presentation.

    4. The student can choose the delivery system to be used Web, Real, Authorware, Director, QuickTime, etc. It is expected that the student will choose something they are already familiar with.


The student will present their project to the class and discuss its target audience, how it works, and what forms of interaction it supports. The student will show how they altered the materials for on-line and computer delivery.

Copyright 2003, Dr. James G. Jones