CECS 5420

Web Authoring

Fall 2004


Assignment #4

Due Date:November 9

Value: 10 points total


  1. Send the instructor an e-mail containing the URL for the first half of the assignment. greg@tapr.org.
  2. Post an e-mail to the class list containing the written part of the assignment (part 2). Use the following subject line: Your Name - Assignment 4

Part 1 (7 pts)

    Using HTML, create a website. The HTML must contain at least the following items:
      1. An "index.html" page
      2. A minimum of 5 main HTML pages (including the "index.html" page above), but no more than 10 main pages total. The web pages need to be interlinked.
      3. The pages use tables as the layout and incorporate simple css elements to enchance the apperance of the page
      4. Contains least 3 JavaScript scripts
      5. User elements from previous assignments as necessary
      6. It must display acceptably on Netscape 4.x and Internet Explorer 5.0 and later.
    Test Data: None
    Output: Student Defined
    Expected Code: Student must use one or more of the above items in the submitted code.

Part 2 (3 pts)

  • Locate information sites of your choosing that pertain to advanced layout techniques (tables, CSS, frames, etc). Critically evaluate the websites - what did you like, what did you hate if anything, what layout technique did they use, and provide a summary of what the site is doing or provides. Post to the class list.

  • Reply to at least two postings in a meaningful manner. Be sure to include your name in the subject line like: Re: There Name - Assignment #4 - Your Name