CECS 5100

Survey of Educational Computer Languages

Fall 2005

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Audio Segments and Illustrations #1
  • Course Review (syllabus overview and comments)

  • Syntax Editor NoteTab Pro (for Mac try BBEdit)
    Audio (936k 2mins)

  • What is Programming ? and why do we do it ?
    Audio (1.6M 3min 41sec)

  • Programming Languages what are they ?
    Compilers / Interpreters / Authoring Languages
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    Audio (5.5M 12min 4sec)

  • Software Life Cycle
    development (concept, RFP, Design Docs, Code), testing, release, reuse, and retirement
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    Audio (4M 8min 49sec)

  • Software Porting
    Audio (716K 1min 32sec)

  • Psuedo Code
    Audio (3M 6min 39sec)

  • Code Blocks
    Audio (1.4M 3min 14sec)