Assignment #2 - Greeting Card / Panoramic / Camera

Due Date: October 9, 2007

Value: 8 points total


  1. Create an image in a 8.5x11" sheet that can be folded twice (french fold) to make a greeting card
  2. Choose a message to be communicated by the card
  3. Images to be used in the graphic must all be provided by using a digital camera
  4. Hint: You will need to use select and cuts in order to clean up these photos
  5. Set levels for imported images
  6. Graphic layout within the folded areas should be such that when the sheet is folded the graphics have the correct orientation
  7. The inside two segments of the card will contain a multi-shot panoramic photomerge (see example or example)
  8. Apply one more effects or filters to the graphics
  9. Use elements as necessary as discussed in the readings
  10. Upload PSD and JPEG version of the image to the student area (yourname_assign2.psd, yourname_assign2.jpg)