Weekly Discussions / Exams

Due Date: See Schedule

Value: maximum 45 points total

Weekly Postings (20 points)
Students can post an article review related to the weekly readings for 2 points per week up to 20 points.

  • Locate and read, from any professional journal, magazine, or online reference, one article relevant to the SECTION being reviewed (i.e. Sept 16-29 is Section III which is Data Link Protocols, Topologies, Ethernet Frames, etc). Write a two paragraph review for the article. The 1st paragraph should describe the contents of the article. The 2nd paragraph should be your reaction to the article. Do not forget to include the reference cite. Use APA format. Posting assignment will be assigned a grade of 0 if posted after the day they are due.

  • Reply to at least two postings in a meaningful manner.

  • Mini Exams - 5 points per week (45 points)
    The instructor will post to the list a weekly online exam that the student can take. Details about the mini-exams will be discussed on the course list.

    Note:The total points available for weekly exams and discussions is 65 points. This allows students to decide how much discussion to do against how well they are doing on the weekly mini-exams to reach a maximum of 45 points.