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Additional Course Links

The following links are additional resource links from Dr. Jones' Delicious Site and from the Web.

May 17 - May 20, 2010 (Flyer)

  • Course Notes:
    • Course Review
      • Review Assignments
      • Look over Textbook
      • Discussions, Quizs, and Assignment Submissions are on Moodle.

    • Schedule and Readings
      • Review this schedule
      • Note Assignment Due Dates
      • Section Notes (below) hilight topcis or areas in the readings that you should be sure to review.

    • Software
      • See the details on the course syllabus with regards to software.
      • Photoshop is also available in DP 150 Edu Comp Resch Lab for student use

    • Uploading Assignments and Files to your Classes Account
      • The course will be using for assignment upload and presentation. The instructor will provide additional details on using the server.
        • If you have problems getting to the page check the following solutions depending on your browser Internet Explorer or Firefox.
      • You will need software to transfer your files onto the Course server.

  • Reading:
    • Chapters 1-5
    • Be sure to download the lessons for the book and work the lessons as you read the book. It is important to complete the lessons in the book in order to learn the necessary procedures and approaches.

  • Chapter Notes:
    • Chapter 1 - Getting Started
    • Chapter 2 - Basic Photo Corrections
    • Chapter 3 - Working with Selections
    • Chapter 4 - Layer Basics
    • Chapter 5 - Masks and Channels
  • Captivates
Uploading to
This captivate will run through how to use winscp to upload your content to

BE SURE that you upload into the course directory (i.e. LTEC_3220_020 or CECS_5560_020) which will be under the SEMESTER directory. That will be two directories below the directory that your SFTP program will place you, which will be named your EUID.

Assignment 1 Overview
This presentation covers what is required for assignment 1.
  • Other Notes:
    • Practice uploading to course account.

    • Assignment 1 Discussion, Quiz, Projects Due

May 21 - May 24, 2010 (Tri-fold Brochure)

  • Reading:
    • Chapter 6 - Correcting and Enchancing Digital Photographs
    • Chapter 7 - Typographic Design
    • Chapter 8 - Vector Drawing Techniques
  • Captivates
Assignment 2 Overview
This presentation covers what is required for assignment 2.
  • Other Notes:
    • Assignment 2 Discussion, Quiz, Projects Due

May 25 - May 28, 2010 (Web Page Graphics)

  • Reading:
    • Chapter 9 - Advanced Layering
    • Chapter 10 - Advanced Compositing
    • Chapter 11 - Preparing Files for the Web
    • Overview/Tutorial for using Photoslices to create a web layout
  • Captivates
Assignment 3 Overview
This presentation covers the elements of assignment 3.
Photoshop Slice Example
This presentation covers working with the slices found in the photoshop web templates.
  • Other Notes:
    • Assignment 3 Discussion, Quiz, Projects Due

May 29 - June 2, 2010 (Graphics and Interactive Power Point)

  • Reading:
    • Chapter 12 - Working with 3D images
    • Chapter 13 - Working with Scientific Images
    • Chapter 14 - Producing and Printing Consistent Color
  • Captivates
Assignment 4 Overview
This presentation covers the elements of assignment 4.
Power Point Kiosk
This presentation cover the basic steps of creating the power point kiosk.
  • Other Notes:
    • Assignment 4 Discussion, Quiz, Projects Due