Assignment #1 - Home Page and Basic HTML

Due Date: May 20, 2010

Value: 15 points total


  • Post to the appropriate forum with the URLs of the first half of the assignment (web pages)
  • Post to the forum containing the written part of the assignment (part 2).

Part 1 (8 pts)

Assignment 1 web development is made up of two parts.

The first is to create a home page (index.html) at your top level that will:

  • Provide your Name, Photo, and short Bio about yourself on the home page.
  • Provide a link to each of your assignments as you create them on your home page. This means you will be updating your home page during the course. When you complete assign1, you will place a relative link on your home page into your assign1 to allow your instructor and other students in the course to examine your development. See the Captivate called "Creating your HOME page" for how to do this.
    • Also, the schedule page has a number of other useful captivates that cover assignment 1 elements.
  • Use Standard HTML to create the web page.
  • The home page must contain validated html with no errors.

The second part is to create assignment 1, which will be placed into a sub-directory called "assign1" in your account which will contain the following:

Using basic HTML, create a series of web pages with a simple structure incorporating a unified theme. The HTML must contain at least the following items:

  • The first page will be called "index.html" and be stored under a sub-directory called "assign1" in your public_html area.
  • A minimum of 5 HTML pages (including the "index.html" page above), but no more than 10 pages total. The web pages need to be interlinked.
  • A consistent theme used throughout.
  • Multiple Paragraphs.
  • Hyperlinks to your pages and other websites (both relative and absolute).
  • Email Link
  • Logical and Physcial Tags
  • Use appropriate headings and idention
  • Insert a .gif or .jpg image. Graphics of appropriate size, format, and content to reinforce the instructional content of the site.
  • Horizontal Line's of at least two different sizes
  • Use both order and underorder lists
  • It must display acceptably on Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • All web pages must contain validated html with no errors.

Part 2 (7 pts)
  • Locate and read, from any professional conference, journal, article, online source, two articles relevant to the process of web page layout and style. Write a two paragraph review for each article. The 1st paragraph should describe the contents of the article. The 2nd paragraph should be your reaction to the article. Do not forget to include the reference cite. Use APA format.

  • Post class forum the written part of the assignment.

  • Reply to at least two postings in a meaningful manner.