CECS 6310

Creating Technology-based Learning Environments

Spring 2006


Assignment 3 - Conference Paper and Presentation

Due Dates: Feb 20, Feb 27, April 17

Value: 10 points total


Step 1 (Feb 20)
Each student will write a 3 page paper (this does not include the references which should be on page 4) on a topic related to technology-based learning environments. Use the AACE Site spec

Step 2 (Feb 27)
Each student will review and comment on each paper and return the edits to the publishing student.

Step 3
Students will rewrite the paper based on comments.

Step 4 (April 17)
The student will make a 10min presentation on the paper in class.

Final papers are due on this step.


The purpose of this assignment is to have the student focus on an area of interest related to the course topic as well as be able to create and receive feedback a conference paper that could be submitted.