February 2nd

  • Course Review
  • Introductory Discussion/Status Update
    • Please be prepared to discuss the following (might want to bring some handouts)
      1. Your topic title
      2. Describe the topic in less than 1 min. (always good practice, because you will be asked this the rest of your life).
      3. Your research
        • In less than 5 mins, describe your research methods section
      4. What your current status is
        1. where you are in the dissertation process
        2. what you have completed thus far
        3. what you need to complete
        4. target complete time frame
        5. what you need to get completed this semester
        6. major problems
      5. Your needs
        • What do you think your major need(s) are going to be to complete the dissertation

  • ERE Poster Sessions
  • Set Next Meeting and Topic