General Information


Dr. Greg Jones (

Course Description

A study of beginning computer programming using PHP and HTML. Requires "hands-on" programming independent of classroom instruction. Topics include variables, simple and complex data structures, object-oriented design, debugging, and language uses. The course will use PHP as the basis of understanding these concepts and to allow the students to learn how to create dynamic web pages.

Class Listserv

The instructor will use the listserv system to communicate information to students throughout the class. It is your responsibility to read mail sent to that account listed in the class listserv, either by accessing the account directly or by forwarding mail sent to that account to another Internet e-mail account that you read on a regular basis. Contact the instructor if you need your email account on the list changed.

Meeting Information

This is a blended course. The class meets the first two weeks then has additional optional course meeting during the semester. We will also be using the CRG 3D Online Learning Environment and an listsev for the online component of the course.

1/16/085:30pm - 8:20pmMH 306
1/23/085:30pm - 8:20pmMH 306
1/30/089pmCRG Online Session
2/13/085:30pm - 8:20pmMH 306
2/20/089pmCRG Online Session
2/27/085:30pm - 8:20pmMH 306
3/12/085:30pm - 8:20pmMH 306
3/26/089pmCRG Online Session
4/2/085:30pm - 8:20pmMH 306
4/9/089pmCRG Online Session
4/16/089pmCRG Online Session
4/30/085:30pm - 8:20pmMH 306