Steps that were done when we installed your server

The following things were done to your server before you first logged on.

Remote Root Login Off

  • Turning Off remote ROOT access to ssh (security improvement). This is a really important thing to do that isn't done when you install. Your systems have already had this done, but you can look at it yourself.
    1. using your choice of editors (like vi) 
    2. Change 
       #PermitRootLogin yes
       PermitRootLogin no
    3. Save File
    4. Restart sshd
       # /etc/init.d/sshd restart

    Disable Network Manager

  • We had to disable the Network Manager for the Fedora Core 10 install, because there is a bug with the network mask being written incorrectly.
    1. turn off automatic running
       # chkconfig NetworkManager off
    2. stop process
       # service NetworkManager stop
  • We had to then set the network interface up by hand
    1. edit the config file for the ethernet interface.
       # vi /etc/sysconfig/networking/devices/ifcfg-eth0
    2. Add/change the following lines (xxx is used instead of the actual IP numbers)
    3. Save File
    4. Check the DNS is configured
       # vi /etc/resolve.conf
       delete everything and make sure the file consisted of the local DNS
    5. Save File  
    6. Restart Network
       # service network restart
    7. Test network connectivity to make sure we had the system on the network
       # ping

    Enable SSH

  • Fedora Core 10 first installs with all services and ports disabled. We needed to open up and start the ssh service so that users could login.
    1. turn on automatic ssh at startup
       # chkconfig sshd on
    2. make sure ssh is running
       # service sshd start