Additional Course Links

The following links are additional resource links from Dr. Jones' Delicious Site and from the Web.

Jan 19 - Feb 8, 2010 (Basic HTML and Home Page)

  • Course Notes:
    • Course Review
      • Review Assignments
      • Look over Textbook
      • Discussions, Quizs, and Assignment Submissions are on Moodle.

    • Schedule and Readings
      • Review this schedule
      • Note Assignment Due Dates
      • Section Notes (below) hilight topcis or areas in the readings that you should be sure to review.

    • Web Authoring Software
      • While the course can be completed with a text editor, it is highly suggested that you acquire web authoring software.
        • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Student Windows - $199.98
        • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Student Mac - $199.98
        • NVU Web Authoring - An Open Source Package
        • Dreamweaver is also available in DP 150 Edu Comp Resch Lab for student use

    • Uploading Web Pages and Files to your Classes Account
      • The course will be using for assignment upload and presentation. The instructor will provide additional details on using the server.
        • If you have problems getting to the page check the following solutions depending on your browser Internet Explorer or Firefox.
      • You will need software to transfer your files onto the Course server.

  • Reading:
    • Sessions 1 and 2
    • Additional Case 1, Appendix A-C

  • Section Notes:
    • Session 1
    • Session 2
      • Introduction to HTML and Web Pages
      • HTML Overview
      • Anatomy of an HTML document
      • Learning to Use HTML
        • When reading the course text, be sure to enter the HTML code as you read it so that you can get a feel for what the code is doing. Entering the code is a much more effective way to learn HTML than simply reading about it.
      • Important HTML Elements
        • Be sure to read the textbook to understand all the HTML elements
      • Other HTML elements and concepts to review
        • Text Basics (logical and physical)
        • Lists
        • Inserting a Link
        • Linking Documents, hyperlinks
        • Web Page Structures
  • Captivates
Web Development Cycle
A discussion on the cycle/process of creating, editing, and reviewing web development.
Using Dreamwaver
A short overview of how DW is used in this course.

Be sure to visit the following sites for additional tutorials:

  • Dreamweaver

  • There are a number of online books at the UNT library using the Safari Books Online system. Look under e-books and search on dreamweaver.
    Managing Drewamweaver Sites
    DW uses sites (what I like to call projects) to hold your web pages. You have to create a site, before you can begin developing web pages.
    Creating your HOME page
    This captivate will run through the steps of create a basic home page (index.html).
    Uploading index.html to
    This captivate will run through how to use winscp to upload your content to
    Assignment 1 Overview
    This captivate walks your through the steps to a) create three of the five assignment 1 pages, link them together with a common navigation elements, upload, and examine the results on your server account.
    This captivate talks about validating your home page.
    • Other Notes:
      • Practice uploading to course account.
      • Why Validate your Web page?
      • About the W3C Validation Service
      • A very handy validation addon for Firefox that can be used while you are looking at your web page. I find this quicker to use than the web-based validation service.

      • Assignment 1 Discussion, Quiz, Home Page, Web Site Due

    Feb 9 - Mar 1, 2010 (Introduction to CSS)

    • Captivates
    Assignment 2 Overview
    This presentation covers what is required for CSS in assignment 2.
    • Other Notes:
      • Think about how you will create your own set of CSS for the next assignment.

      • Assignment 2 Discussion, Quiz, Web Site Due

    Mar 2 - Mar 22, 2010 (More CSS with Tables and Other Stuff)

    • Reading:
      • Sessions: 4 and 5

    • CSS with Tables and Other Stuff
      • CSS Effects
      • CSS Classes
      • Overflow
      • Clipping
      • Tables
      • Formatted Style Lists
    • Captivates
    Assignment 3 Overview
    This presentation convers the elements of assignment.
    • Other Notes:
      • Assignment 3 Discussion, Quiz, Web Site Due

    Mar 22 - Apr 12, 2010 (CSS with Forms and Media)

    • Reading:
      • Sessions: 6, 7, and 10

    • CSS with Forms and Media
      • Forms
      • Digital Audio
      • Digital Media/Movies
      • JavaScript
    • Captivates
    Assignment 4 Overview
    This presentation convers the elements of assignment.
    • Other Notes:
      • Assignment 4 Discussion, Quiz, Web Site Due

    Apr 13 - May 3, 2010 (Final Project)

    • Final Project

    • Other Notes
      • Assignment 5 Quiz, Web Site Due
    Assignment 5 Overview
    This presentation convers the elements of assignment.