Assignment #2 - Conference Paper and Presentation

Due Date:

Value: 25 points total


Step 0 - February 14 (Part 0)
Students will post a topic and abstract for the conference paper. The selected topic must be related to Advanced Instructional System Design.

Step 1a - February 28 (Part 1)
Students will write a 3 page conference paper on the proposed topic . Use AACE SITE guidelines. References are in APA format. Further information about how to write academic papers for conference can be found here. The draft paper will be posted to the moodle by the date specified.

Step 1b - February 28 (Part 1)
Students will present a brief 5mins or less oral overview (i.e. no power points) on the draft paper.

Step 2 - March 21 (Part 2)
Each student will read and review all other student papers. Students will do a complete review, provide suggested edits, and constructive criticism on each conference paper. Details to be provided on the review process.

Step 3 - April 4 (Part 3)
Students will then rewrite paper based on reviews.

Step 5 - April 4 (Part 3)
Student will make a formal conference presentation (10-15mins) of the paper in class. If you have never made a conference paper presentation, then this paper by James D. Whiteside II might be helpful.


The purpose of this assignment is to have the student focus on an area of interest related to the course topic as well as be able to create and receive feedback on a conference paper that could be submitted.