Assignment #2 - Tri-Fold Brochure

Due Date: February 21

Value: 12 points total


  1. Post to the course forum when your assignment is available for viewing (your name and URL to the assignment).
  2. Post to the class forum the written part of the assignment (part 2).

Part 1 (6 pts)

Assignment 2 create a Tri-Fold Brochure

Create two 8.5x11" pages that will be used for the front and back page of a tri-fold brochure. Choose a topic that would communicate something:

  1. Create two pages that fills a 8.5x11" sheet that will become the front and back page of the brochure.
  2. You will want to use a template to ensure you know where the fold will be as you design your tri-fold brochure.
  3. Use multiple images, type, and other tools to create your flyer
  4. You may use images from the Book, found on the Internet, or scanned in.
  5. Use tools and procedures covered in Chapters 2-8
    • Use the examples in the chapters covered and online to design your brochure (i.e. logos, design, layout, etc)
  6. Place each image into its own layer
  7. Upload the PSD, PDF, JPG, versions of the flyer to the student area (yourname_assign2.psd, yourname_assign2.pdf).

Examples of a tri-fold brochure from Created Realities Group:


Part 2 (6 pts)
  1. Locate and read, from any professional conference, journal, article, online source, two articles relevant to copyright issues on graphic content and use. Write a two paragraph review for each article. The 1st paragraph should describe the contents of the article. The 2nd paragraph should be your reaction to the article. Do not forget to include the reference cite. Use APA format.
  2. Post to the class forum the written part of the assignment. One posting per article.
  3. Reply to at least two postings in a meaningful manner.