Calculating Radio Frequencies

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Frequency Chart

The following figure shows the Electromagnetic spectrum.

Calculating the Frequency of Wavelengths

Wavelength: The distance between successive crest or trough in a wave.

Frequency: The number of complete waves passing a point in a given amount of time. s-1 or 1 per second or 1/s and is called a hertz. The following figure is an illustration of wavelength and frequency.

Amplitude: The maximum height of a wave, as measured from the axis of propagation.

Nodes: Points of zero amplitude.

Calculating Wave Length

Wavelength (m) X Frequency (s-1) = velocity (m/s)

C = 2.99792458 X 108 m/s -1

Example Question

The frequency of the radiation used in all microwave ovens sold in the US is 2.45 GHz. (109 s-1) What is the wavelength (in meters) of this radiation?


2.998 x 108 ms-1 / 2.45 X 109 s-1 = .122 m

Note: The s-1 cancel each other out