Assignment #1 - Server Access & Basic PHP Programming

Due Date: February 6

Value: 10 points total


  1. Post to the assignment forum the URL of the first half of the assignment URL (part 1).
  2. Post to the assignment forum the written part of the assignment (part 2).

Part 1 (7 pts) Using HTML and PHP develop a HOME page and then assigmment 1 that includes three interlinked pages that accomplish the following (example):

  1. Create a COURSE HOME PAGE
    1. Your index.html is placed in your public_html directory
    2. home page should include photo of you, name, short bio, and links to each course assignment
  1. the first page, called index.html will be placed in a sub-dir called assign1
    1. it will generate a HTML table using PHP to display a multiplication table from 1 to 12. PHP would generate this table using a nesting loop. Simple Example of the HTML output from the PHP code (that covers 1 to 3):
      <table border="1" frame="border">
      	<tr bgcolor="#CCFFFF">
      		<td bgcolor="#CCFFFF">1</td>
      		<td bgcolor="#CCFFFF">2</td>
  2. the second page
    1. will provide links to the first and third page.
    2. Display the current date and time in readable form (see page 191)
    3. If the time is between 6am and 12noon display a graphic that shows morning time, if the time is between 12noon and 6pm, display a graphic that shows afternoon time, if the time is between 6pm and 12midnight display a graphics that shows evening, if the time is between 12midight and 6am display a graphic that shows dead of night.
    4. Based on the date, display the semester during the 2011 UNT academic calendar.
    5. If the date is Christmas display a message saying so....if it is not Christmas, display the number of days until Christmas from the current date.

  3. the final page
    1. provide links to page 1 and page 2
    2. display the phpinfo output

Extra Credit: (2 points) use Jquery in the HTML of the assignment.

Part 2 (3 pts)