CECS 5420

Web Authoring

Summer 2004


Final Project

Due Date: August 5, 2004

Value: 35 points total


  1. Send the instructor an e-mail containing the URL for your project. greg@tapr.org.
  2. Prepare and deliver five-minute presentation during class.

Part 1 (30 pts)

    Using HTML, create a website using "advanced" layout techniques that is educationally orientated. The site must match your accepted final project proposal.
      1. An "index.html" page that contains: Your name.
      2. Use "advanced" layout techniques, which may include tables (which define the user interface), cascading style sheets, or frames.
      3. Font choices, navigational elements, etc. that is consistent with contemporary website design as presented in class.
      4. It must display acceptably on Netscape 4.x and Internet Explorer 5.0 and later.
      5. Content presentation, navigation, and look/feel will be an important part of the final grade.
    Test Data: None
    Output: Student Defined
    Expected Code: Student must use one or more of the above items in the submitted code.

Part 2 (5 pts)

  • Five minute presentation during one of the scheduled times.