CECS 5400

Educational Telecommunications

Summer 2006 5wk2

General Information


    Dr. Greg Jones (gjones@unt.edu)

    Course Description:

      This course has two areas of focus:
      1. Exploring foundational issues and currently-emerging trends in telecommunications that are becoming integrated into the field of education.
      2. Acquiring hands-on experience with telecommunications systems.

    Class Listserv:

    • The instructor will use a listserv system (e-mail) to communicate information to students throughout the class. It is your responsibility to read mail sent to that account listed in the class listserv, either by accessing the account directly or by forwarding mail sent to that account to another Internet e-mail account that you read on a regular basis. Contact the instructor if you need your email account on the list changed.

      Note: It is best that you use your UNT eaglemail account for course e-mail. Hotmail and other free e-mail services tend to block lists or places messages into a junk folder. Be sure to check often at the beginning of the semester that you are getting your course e-mail updates.

    Meeting Information:

      July 15 2pm - 6pm MATT Room 308
      July 14 - ONLINE 6:30pm - 8:30pm CRG (install information to be provided)
      July 18 - ONLINE 6:30pm - 8:30pm CRG
      July 25 - ONLINE 6:30pm - 8:30pm CRG


    • Access to an Internet browser, an Internet service provider and e-mail will be necessary for those enrolling in this course. A Real Player plug-in is needed and can be downloaded at www.real.com.
      Test your equipment with this audio file or this video file.

      Audio and Video files for this course are from previous 5400 sections taught by Dr. Gerald Knezek.

    • E-mail access is required as well.

    • All are expected to participate in discussions in person or via E-mail, learn to access at least one computer-based communication system, one information retrieval system,one audio-conferencing system, and one video-based telecommunications system.

    • There will be four project-based assignments and a research paper/presentation.