Graphic Organizer:

Topology & Connectivity

Of Wireless Connection (#1)


Diagram is incomplete or not attempted.

Only topology or connectivity is shown OR diagram is unclear to novice wireless computer users.

Shows correct topology & connectivity of wireless connection in graphic organizer.  Diagram is clear and understandable to novice wireless computer users.

Connection Process Described & Instructional Steps Identified (#1)


Neither process or instructional steps addressed

Only connectivity process OR instructional steps identified

Connectivity process thoroughly described and clear instructional steps for teaching process identified

Current and Future Impact of Wireless Connection upon Teaching & Learning Discussed (#1)


Current AND future impact NOT meaningfully discussed

Current OR future impact meaningfully discussed

Current AND future impact meaningfully discussed

Why is direct TV high-speed data link not the best ISP for participation in online real-time collaborative communications?  (#2)


No explanation given

Explanation lacks focus and clarity OR does not address topic

Meaningful explanation included addressing topic which is clear and understandable to novice wireless computer users

Discussion of Bill GatesŐ satellite proposal to provide multimedia access  (#2)


Discussion of Gates proposal not included

Meaningful discussion of Gates proposal included


Replies to Peers Discussion Post (#3)


No reply posted

One reply posted or two replies posted without meaningful feedback or comments

Two replies posted that include meaningful feedback and comments

Connection Calculations undersea cable vs. geostationary satellite (#4)


No calculations included OR both calculations incorrect

Only one calculation included OR both calculations included and one has an error

Both calculations are included and error free (geostationary satellite & undersea cable)