CECS 5400

Educational Telecommunications

Summer 2006

Assignment #4

Teleconferencing and On-line Collaborative Systems


Take part in a on-line 3D immersive distributed learning experience using the Created Realities Group (CRG) VXInteractive system. Discuss two teleconferencing systems and how they relate to educational telecommunications.

The instructor will provide a link to the software and account information.
Times will be set during the course for organized exchanges.

Turn In:

  1. E-mail an overview of the CRG session (subject, participants, location, etc.) as well as your reaction to (opinions of) this form of telecommunications medium. (E-mail instructor)
  2. Choose two teleconferencing systems with which you are familiar and compare/contrast the two based on the bandwidth issues presented in the Jones/Knezek article. Discuss cost, installation, and support issues such as the manpower needed to make the system run. Discuss what is gained and what is lost in each environment regarding educational utility.

    Submit your discussion (2-3 paragraphs) to your group's on-line discussion system.

  3. On your group's on-line discussion system reply to at least two postings on this assignment. Provide meaningful comments.