CECS 5400

Educational Telecommunications

Summer 2006

Research Paper

Value: 30 points


  • Select a telecommunications system to do research on
  • Write an expository paper for your peers explaining how the telecommunications system works and why it is important to education/training/teaching/learning/society.
    Topic examples might be High Definition TV, Family Radio Service, Ibook WiFi Radio Modems for Apple, Spread Spectrum Communications, 900 Mhz phone systems, spread spectrum wireless systems  the Omega system (submarine long waves), FEMA radio communications system, International Space Station.

    Listen to paper topics from a previous semester for examples. audio ra 5mins

  • 2. The paper
    • a minimum of 10 pages, but no longer than 15 pages.
    • at least 5 references (APA Style Manual 5th edition)
    • provides link to 5 URLs that a user can follow for additional information or materials

  • 3. Submit your narrative in MS-Word, HTML, or PDF.

Due Date:

    Topic Proposals: TBD by Instructor

    Papers Due: TBD by Instructor

    Grade: The paper will be graded on spelling, grammar, style, references, and the completeness of the research topic.