CECS 5400

Educational Telecommunications

Summer 2006

Schedule of Topics

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Course Overview

Fundamental Concepts & Definitions

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Welcome discussion post due by 7/14

July 10

The Internet & WWW

Historical & Societal Impact of Telecommunications

Assignment #1 due by 7/14

Asgn1 - Telecom discussion post due by 7/14

July 17

Digital Communications
July 17

Local Area Networks Assignment #2 due by 7/21

Asgn2 - Bandwidth discussion post due by 7/21

July 24

Wireless Communications Assignment #3 due by 7/28

Asgn3 - ISP discussion post due by 7/28

July 24

Computer Networks Research Topic discussion post due by 7/28
July 24

Distance Education Assignment #4 due by 7/28

Asgn4 - Teleconference discussion post due by 7/28

July 31


Research Paper and Presentations due by 8/4


  • CSN = Ray Horak (Author), Harry Newton, Mark A. Miller Communications Systems and Networks
  • ppt = Power Point Presentation (converted to html, no extra software needed)
  • ppt (html) = the html link is a html version of the powerpoint slides.
  • pdf = Acrobat Reader required (available free at http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html)
  • audio ra = audio in realplayer
  • video ra = video in realplayer