CECS 5400

Educational Telecommunications

Summer 2006

Course Overview
Section 1

CSN Readings: Chapter 1, 2, 12

  • Course Overview
    audio ra 24min

  • Access Issues
    audio ra 30min, ppt (html)

  • Introduction to Telecommunications
    Introduction Part 1 audio ra 34min, ppt (html)
    Introduction Part 2 audio ra 13min

  • Discussion of Acronyms, Terms, Backbone, and Tiers listed below
    audio ra 17min

  • Internet Glossary of Acronyms (image)

  • Glossary of Internet Terms (pdf)

  • Internet Exercise

  • The Internet Phenomenon (pdf)

  • NSF Backbone (Historical) (image)

  • Texas Backbone (Historical) (image)

  • The exponential growth of the Internet (pdf)
    Internet Backbone 1991 (image)
    Internet Backbone 1993 (image)

  • Network Tiers

  • Hobbes' Internet Timeline v7.0 (pdf)

    Historical Real Audio/Video Lectures:

    Other Resources: