CECS 5400

Educational Telecommunications

Summer 2006

Wireless Communications
Section 5 and 6

CSN Readings: Chapter 8, 11, 14

Topics & Grapics:

  • Review Terms and Concepts audio ra 1:30hr

  • Key Terms and Concepts

  • Fundamentals of Voice, Data, and Video Communications:
    • Radio Frequency Spectrum Part 1 video ra 45min

    • Radio Frequency Spectrum Part 2 video ra 23min

    • Radio Frequency Spectrum Chart (w/ audio) 14min

    • Powerline Data Communications video ra 8min (image)

    • Calculating Wavelength (w/audio) 4min

    • Radio Frequency Modulation audio ra 30sec

    • Repeaters / Transponders audio ra 6min

    • Satellite Bands audio ra 2min

    • Packet Radio

    • RF Interference Video video ra 4min

    • Audio covering the following topics audio ra 27min
      • World Cellular Use (image)
      • KERA Tech Tips (html)
      • Anatomy of a Cellular Call (image)
      • Spread Spectrum (image)
      • Service Bandwidth (html)
      • Typical Digital Microwave Performance (html)
      • Television
      • Television Transmission/SSTV
      • CRT tube diagram 1 (image)
      • CRT tube diagram 2 (image)
      • TV Scanning Pattern (image)

    • Desktop Videoconferencing audio ra 35min, ppt (html)

    • Communications Over Space and Time
      • Time Zones audio ra 11min
      • GMT/UTC vs. Local Time
      • Greenwich Longitude 00.00.00 vs. International Date Line (180 Long.)
      • Greenwich pictures
          World Conference on Computers in Education. Dr. Knezek
          Naval Observatory
          Scenic View
          Dr. Knezek
          Time Stamp

    • Discussion of Satellites audio ra 21min
      • Satellite Systems (image)
      • Satellite Receivers (image)
      • Satellite Orbits (image)
      • Satellite Positions (image)
      • Private Earth Station (image)
      • Azimuth vs. Elevation
      • Texas State-Wide Map Projection (image)
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