Daphne Baylor

Article Critique

CECS 5610


Powell, V., Jack (2000). Effects of Successmaker Computerized Curriculum on the Behavior of Disruptive Students. Journal Educational Technology Systems, Vol. 28(4) 335-347.

Principle: This study monitored the effects of CBI on the students' psychosocial outcomes (self-esteem, depression and locus of control) and academic outcomes.

Type of Design: The ninety-four subjects ages ten to seventeen were identified as chronically disruptive and assigned to an urban Alternative Education Program (AEP) were the control group. The one group pre-test-post test design (O X O) best represents the design of the study. The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, Depression Self- Rating Scale, and Nowichk-Strickland Scale were used to measure behavioral patterns. The academic outcomes were measured via grade point averages and attendance records.

Factor Jeopardizing Internal Validity: History-due to the students' immense social issues, Testing- test anxiety, Mortality- several students did not complete study

Factors Jeopardizing External Validity: Statistical regression- groups score very high or low on pretest, Reactive effects of experimental arrangements- new surroundings

Adequacy of Statistical Procedures Used: The t-test of psychosocial and academic measures and the percentages covering the Success/Maker were both adequate statistical measures.

Briefly Summarize Logic (Inductive and /or Deductive):  For one hundred eighty days students used the SuccessMaker Computized Curriculum. The only test that showed a significant increase was the self-esteem test. The students' academic achievements decreased during the students' assignment to the AEP, which contradicts typical CBI findings.

Design Improvement: Study should increase pool to include more students from various regions. The selected pool of students was very limited and unstable.

Extension of study: An additional study should be conducted to see whether the students' self esteem changes were long term or short term. Also why didn't the students' academic performance improve with the use of CBI?