CECS 5610.030

Research Design Papers (some with presentations)

Spring 2006 - Dr. Gerald Knezek

Titles Presenter
Students’ Choice of Search Tools and Evaluation of Sources: Correlations with Collaboration Achterman
Impact of CPS devices on Student Performance and Participation Alford
Temperament, Learning Styles, and Demographic Predictors of College Student Satisfaction in a Digital Learning Environment   (ppt) Ferguson
A Comparative Study of Online Discussion Board Protocols and the Impact on Knowledge Construction in High School Students  (ppt) Kugler

Apprentice Teacher Preparation  (ppt)


To Determine if Technology Can Help To Improve Student Retention And Raise Test Grades?  (ppt)


Does Listening to Music Affect Task Performance  (ppt)


Accelerated Reader as a Mechanism for Independent Reading Assessment: Reading Gains in Ninth Graders  (ppt)