Assignment #1 - Telecommunications over distance vs. Telecommunications over time

Due Date: June 17, 2007

Value: 15 points total

The following assignment requires 2 postings and 2 replies.

  1. Post an introductory message about yourself on the course selected discussion area.

  2. Post a second message (4+ substantial paragraphs) to the course selected discussion area that explains your thoughts on the difference between telecommunications over distance vs. telecommunications over time.

    • Can you give an example of each in your local environment?

    • How is distance vs. time related to the concepts of asynchronous vs. synchronous communication?

    • Give an example of asynchronous and synchronous communications being used in the classroom (the examples can be electronic or non-electronic in nature).

    • Use web resources such as to justify your answer if you wish.

  3. Reply to at least two other postings. Provide meaningful comments.