Assignment #3 - Data Communications

Due Date: July 20, 2009

Value: 15 points total

The following requires 2 postings, 2 replies, and an e-mail to the instructor.

First Posting:

  1. Using wireless technology, connect a computer (your laptop or other system) to the Internet.
    1. Explain how this process was done for your computer.
    2. Discuss the ramification of wireless communications.
    3. Explain implementation issues as discussed in the reading materials.
    4. Include a graphical organizer for the topology and connectivity involved in the connection. (Inspiration or another tool would be a good software package to use).
    5. Discuss in the posting your thoughts of the process and how you would instruct the process to someone else.
    6. How is wireless communications effecting your teaching now and how do you think it will effect it in the future ?

Second Posting:

  1. Briefly explain why a Hughes Net high-speed data link might not be the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) to hook up with if your primary use is participating in on-line real-time collaborative communications?
  2. Include a discussion of the Bill Gates' proposal of a few years back for 800 low earth orbit satellites for multimedia access.
  3. Compose your answer electronically in 3-4 paragraphs and post it to your group's on-line discussion system.


  1. On your group's on-line discussion system reply to at least two postings on this assignment. Provide meaningful comments.

Determine the following answer and e-mail to your instructor:

  1. Calculate how long a (full duplex) computer connection would take to echo back from an mainframe in Honolulu (to Dallas) if the connection was a) undersea cable vs. b) geostationary satellite. Explain your answer. Provide your calculations. Hint: the book talks about this in detail.