Radio Frequencies

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Class Abbreviation Range Applications
1. extremely low frequency ELF 30-300 Hz 110 VAC Power
2. voice frequency VF 300-30000 Hz Telephone Data Modems
3. very low frequencey VLF 3-30 KHz Home Security 
4. low frequencey LF 30-300 KHz Cicaria's Experiments
5. medium freq. MF 300-3000 KHZ AM Radio
6. high frequency HF 3-30 MHz HF, CB Radio
7. very high frequency VHF 30-300 MHz FM Radio Pecaesat Experiments, TV
8. Ultra high frequency UHF 300-3000 MHz TV
9. Super high frequency SHF 3-300 GHz IntelSat
10. extremely high frequency EHF 30-300 GHz None

View the FCC and NTIA Table of Frequency Allocations chart to see how radio freqencies in the US are allocated.

2003 Allocation Chart