Wireless Communications


CSN Readings: Chapter 8, 11, 14

Topics & Grapics

Review Terms and Concepts audio mp3 1:30hr
Key Terms and Concepts

Fundamentals of Voice, Data, and Video Communications:

Desktop Videoconferencing audio mp3 35min , ppt , html , qt movie

Communications Over Space and Time

World Conference on Computers in Education. Dr. Knezek
Naval Observatory
Scenic View
Dr. Knezek
Time Stamp

Discussion of Satellites audio mp3 21min

Historical Real Audio/Video Lectures

Mar 3, 1998: 1st audio mp3 1hr 17min, 2nd audio mp3 1hr 24min
Mar 3, 1998: 1st movie 1hr 15min, 2nd movie 52min, 3rd movie 20min
Mar 24, 1998: 1st audio mp3 1hr 35min, 2nd audio mp3 1hr
Mar 24, 1998: 1st movie 1hr, 2nd movie 15min, 3rd movie 1hr
Mar 31, 1998: 1st movie 2hr 30min, 2nd audio mp3 43min
Apr 6, 1998: 1st audio mp3 15min, 2nd audio mp3 28min, 3rd audio mp3 1hr 38min

Other Resources

Spread Specturm Tutorial