Assignment #5 - Final Project

Due Date: August 6, 2010

Value: 10 points total


  1. At the end of Assignment 4, the student must send an e-mail to the instructor describing what the final project will be (i.e. content, size, pages, target audience, etc).
  2. Post to the course forum when your assignment is availavle for viewing.
  3. Using HTML, create a website using "advanced" layout techniques (i.e. CSS). The site must match your accepted final project proposal.
    1. An "index.html" page
    2. Use cascading style sheets that define the user interface
    3. Font choices, navigational elements, etc. that is consistent with contemporary website design as presented in class.
    4. Content presentation, navigation, and look/feel will be an important part of the final grade.
    5. Layout must be student's design. The design can be original or based on an existing CSS template. A student cannot simply use an existing CSS template. If a template is used, then the template must be signifncally updated or modified to show CSS mastery.
    6. It must display acceptably on Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    7. All web pages must contain validated html with no errors.
  4. The purpose of this assignment is to show mastery of the materials covered during the course.