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ENTW 2700 - Use Microsoft Word to Format a Manual

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Use Microsoft Word to Format a Manual

As a student in ENTW 2700, you are required to research and produce a manual.
With the directions in this website, you can use Microsoft Word to format your multi-page manuals.
You will be able to format

  • body pages
  • tables of contents
  • headers and footers (including titles and page numbers)
  • fly pages (title pages)

Follow the links above for step-by-step directions for each type of formatting.
Start with the directions to format body pages, and work sequentially through
formatting a Table of Contents, headers and footers, and fly pages.


Web site designed by Cynthia Lyons for CECS 5420.

Primary audience: students in ENTW 2700 - Introduction to Technical Writing
Secondary audience: faculty, students enrolled in advanced ENTW classes.

Primary learning objectives: To enable students to correctly format multi-page manuals independent of tech-lab tutor assistance.
Thus, if the tutor is busy, or the student works on the manual at home, step-by-step instructions are always at hand.