G E N E R A L     I N F O
Google -- search sites, images, newsgroups, news, etc.
Altavista -- another great search engine
AltaVista Translations
Good indexed search engine
Yahoo! Shopping
Yahoo! Maps
Yahoo! Movies
Yahoo! Finance -- Currency Converter

URAPI.com -- You Are A P.I., similar to Public Data
Denton County Justice Information System
Carpoint Car Information

Tools for Biblical Scholars -- Concordances, topical Bibles, Bible dictionaries, Lexicons, Bible encyclopedias, History, Interlinear Bibles, Bible in a Year program, and more. An excellent reference site.
Bibles -- multiple translations and languages to search through
Websters Dictionary

Mountain Light Photography -- Galen and Barbara Rowell
Photo Box - my new favorite site
Frank Andreae Photography

Circle of Confusion

Steve's Digicams-- Digital photography hardware reviews
Digicam Resource Site-- Digital photography hardware reviews
Digital Photography Review-- Another digital photography hardware review site

The Straight Dope - Hear Cecil's wisdom on pretty much anything
Psychic Chicken Network
Jesus of the Week - get a new picture of Jesus with color commentary
Top 10 Stupidest Lists
This is True by Randy Cassingham
Center for the Easily Amused
I Love Bacon
The Onion
Computer News and Reference

Tom's Hardware Guide
The Register
The Inquirer
AMD Zone
Anand's Hardware Tech Page
PC Webopaedia home page
Asta la Vista - The best site for underground tools and info

Web Design
d e v h e a d -- web development tips
Non-Dithering Colors in Browsers
Computer Hardware and Vendors

Home Automation Systems Catalog
Parts Express - tons of DIY speakers and home automation
ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses
Plycon Computers - Cutting Edge Tech and Cooling Solutions
CaseETC - Your one-stop case mod shop!
MultiWave Computers

REI - Camping and outdoor equipment
REI Outlet
Texas Parks and Wildlife
The Movie Sounds Page
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