Presentation Rubric

» Technical: Project runs perfectly with no technical problems. For example, there are no error messages, all sound, video, or other files are found
» Navigation: Users can progress intuitively throughout entire project in a logical path to find information. All buttons and navigational tools work
» Spelling/Grammar: Proper spelling, grammar (paragraph structure, sentence structure, etc.), and mechanics (punctuation, spacing, indentation, capitalization, etc.)
Multimedia Elements      
» Screen Design: The combination of multimedia elements and content takes communication to a superior level. There is clear attention given to balance, proportion, harmony, and restraint. The synergy reaches the intended audience with style and pizzazz
» Use of Enhancements: All graphics, video, audio, 3-D, or other enhancements are used effectively to enrich the learning experience. Enhancements contribute significantly to convey the intended meaning
Information Structure      
» Organization: The sequence of information is logical and intuitive. Menus and paths to all information are clear and direct
» Citing References: All sources are properly cited within the project according to APA style
» Message: Presentation has a clear message and purpose designed towards a specific audience
» Follows Directions: Follows content, style, designs, and layout directions, and includes all required elements
» Depth/Breadth: Clear evidence that higher level thinking skills were used in the creation of this project
» Subject Knowledge: Subject knowledge is evident throughout the project. All information is clear, appropriate, and correct