Technology-Based Unit Plan for Algebra I:
Linear Data, Equations and Least Squares Regression

Kevin E Kalinowski - University of North Texas - CECS 5420: Web Authoring - SS2 2003 - Assignment 1

Unit Overview
Students use a variety of techniques to collect data that is linear in nature. Students interpret the slope, y-intercept and correlation coefficients of the trend lines using least squares linear regression modeling. Students use a spreadsheet program to store the data and generate scatter charts based on the data. Students present their findings to their peers using a presentation application, and publish their presentation to a web server for peer review. Students analyze the effectiveness of various presentations methods.

About the Plan
This Unit Plan consists of four connected lessons that spans five to ten days, depending on the availability of technology resources and skill level of the students. Its purpose is the connection of mathematical concepts and integration of technology applications. Although lessons can be used individually, it is recommended that this series of lessons be used in its entirety and in the suggested sequence.

Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge
Materials and Equipment
Lesson Overviews
References and Resources