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Liverpool Rummy - A member of the Contract Rummy family of card games

Simple Rules

- The object of the game is to have the fewest points after playing 7 rounds. (See round 7!)

Round Cards Dealt Melds Example
1 10 Two sets
2 10 One Set, one run
3 10 Two runs
4 12 Three sets
5 12 Two sets, one run
6 12 One set, two runs
7 (No discard) 12 Three runs

Round 7. Three runs. There is no discard. That means the drawn card must play into one of three complete runs in the players hand. Then all cards are melded at once. All cards must play. ONLY ONE PLAYER PLAYS!!

Created by: Ric Anzaldua (e-mail).
Created: July 10, 2003