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Acids are substances that contain hydrogen and produce hydronium ions when they are dissolved in water. Acids produce hydronium ions when they are dissolved in water by producing positively charged hydrogen ions which combine with water. The symbol for hydronium ions is H3O+. As you can see hydronium ions are positively charged.

Properties of Acids

Sour taste is one of the properties of acidic solutions. You should NEVER taste a solution to test for acidity because acids can cause burns and damages. Acidic solutions can conduct electricity. Acids are corrosive, which means they can eat away certain substances. Acids also react strongly with metals.

Uses of Acids

Vinegar which contains acetic acid is used in salads. Lemons and oranges have citric acid which is why they are sour. Ants that sting inject formic acid to cause pain in their victims. Acids are also used in batteries because their solutions conduct electricity. Sulfuric acid is used to make fertilizer, steel, paints, and plastics.