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<a name="cc">Classes</a>

<a name="photo">img src="p1.jpg"></a>


Link to an anchor: <a href="#cc">Classes</a>

Link to a page: <a href="suggestions.htm">Suggestions</a> ( Absolute pathnames & Relative pathnames )

Link to an anchor of a page: <a href="suggestions.htm#view">View suggestions</a>

Link to a page on the Internet: <a href="http://people.unt.edu/hh0039/5420/text.htm">View suggestions</a>

Display link in a new window: <a href="url" target=_blank>Hypertext</a>

Link to Usenet News: <a href="news:alt.computer">To the computer newsgroup</a>

Link to E-mail: <a href="mailto:sharon@yahoo.com">Mail me</a>