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Text Formatting Tags

Heading: <h#> text </h#>

Paragraphs: <p#> text </p#>,


  1. Ordered list:  ( type="1", 1,2,3...; type="a", a,b,c...; type="i", Roman numberals)

    <ol type="option">

    <li> Item1

    <li> Item2 ....



  2. Unordered list:  ( type="disc", "circle", or "square")

    <ul type="option">

    <li> Item1

    <li> Item2 ....


  3. Definition list: ( type="disc", "circle", or "square")

    <dl type="option">

    <dt> term1 <dd> definition1

    <dt> term2 <dd> definition2 ....



Logical - how you want to use text, examples <em>, <strong>, <code>, <kbd>, <var>, <cite>.

Physical - how you want the text to be displayed, examples <b>, <i>, <u>, <tt>, <big>, <small>, <sub>, <sup>.