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What Type Are You?

Classroom Learning Styles and Personality


Learning Styles

If you have been a teacher for any length of time, you have encountered quite a variety of students in your classroom. Some students hang on to your every word, while others fidget in their seats and watch the clock. You spend hours preparing the material and thinking of ways to make the presentation interesting, but you just can't seem to keep everyone's attention. What's the problem?

The problem may lie in the method you are using to present the material to the students. Students are very different in the way that they process information. You must make sure that your approach to teaching is diverse enough to satisfy their different learning styles.


Determing Your Learning Style

As a teacher, you tend to feel more comfortable teaching the way that you learn best. It's easy to make the assumption that this strategy will work for all students. In order to become a more effective teacher, you need to determine your own learning style. Once you determine your own style and learn to recognize other styles, you can begin to incorporate a variety of approaches into your teaching. Maybe those blank stares you see in the classroom will just disappear!

One method to help determine your learning style is to become aware of your preferences. Preferences might include how you perceive the world, how you prefer to interact with the world, how you become aware of things and people in the world, and how you make judgments. Your unique preferences come together to form your personality.

There are several personality tests available today that assist you in becoming aware of your preferences. The test included here is a scaled-down, unofficial version that resembles the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. Once you determine your 4-letter type (e.g. ISTJ), you can match the type with the corresponding learning style. Ready? On to the test!

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