Surveys Used to Assess
the Integration of Technology
into the K-12 Classroom

The Institute for the Integration of Technology into Teaching and Learning (IITTL), located at University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, Texas, has been researching the field of Technology Integration in K-12 education for over 11 years.

Lead researchers are Dr. Gerald Knezek, professor, Computer Education and Cognitive Systems, and Dr. Rhonda Christensen, research scientist at UNT.

Below is a list of the surveys used. Each name links to a page that contains more specific details of each survey.

A book, Instruments for Assessing Educator Progress in Technology Integration, published in 2000 contains some of the instruments, research studies that used these instrumnts, and SPSS code for evaluating data collected using these instruments. If a survey is included in this book, it is noted on that surveys web page. An online version of the book is available at

Survey Instruments for Teachers
    Apple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT)
    Assessment of Software Expertise
    Concerns-Based Adoption Model Levels of Use of an Innovation (CBAM LoU)
    Level of Technology Integration (LoTI)
    Stages of Adoption (Stages)
    Teachers' Attitudes Toward Computers (TAC)
    Technology Proficiency Self-Assessment (TPSA)
    Technology and Reading Inventory (TRI)
    Teachers' Views of Technology and Teaching (TVTT)

Survey Instruments for Students
    Computer Attitude Questionnaire (CAQ)
    Young Children's Computer Inventory (YCCI)