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Survey name Teachers' Attitudes Toward Computers
Acronym TAC
Version number and date v. 5.2 8/2000
Description Teachers' Attitudes Toward Computers is a self-assessment instrument of a teacher's attitudes toward computers in nine areas. It uses a Likert scale of 1 = Strongly Disagree to 5 = Strongly Agree. The nine areas are:
Part 1 Interest - enjoyment and satisfaction in using computers
Part 2 Comfort - lack of anxiety; comfortable using technology
Part 3 Accommodation - acceptance of computers; willingness to learn
Part 4 Email - usefulness of email with students
Part 5 Concern - fear that computers will have a negative impact on society
Part 6 Utility - belief that computers are useful for productivity and instruction
Part 7 Perception - overall feeling toward computers (uses a Semantic Differential of 1 - 7)
Part 8 Absorption - belief that computers are an integral part of work and leisure
Part 9 Significance - belief that computers are important for student use
Author(s) Rhonda Christensen and Gerald Knezek
Survey based on (if any) Computer Attitude Scale (Loyd & Gressard, 1986)
Computer Use Questionnaire (Griswold, 1983)
Attitudes Toward Computers Scale (Reece & Gable, 1982)
The Compuer Survey Scale (Stevens, 1982)
Computer Anxiety Rating Scale (Heinssen, 1987)
Attitudes Toward Computers (Raub, 1981)
Computer Anxiety Index (Maurer, 1983)
BELCAT (Blombert-Erickson-Lowery Computer Attitude Task, Erickson, 1987)
Attitude Toward Computer Scale (Francis, 1993)
Computer Attitude Measure (CAM, Kay, 1993)
Computer ATtitude Questionnaire (CAQ, Knezek & Miyashita, 1993)
Computer Attitude Items (Pelgrum & Plomp, 1993)
Computer Attitudes Scale for Secondary Students (CASS, Jones & Clarke, 1994)
E-Mail (D'Souza, 1992)
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