Computer Applications for Curriculum & Instruction
CECS 5500.020
Spring 2001

Instructor: Dr. Gerald Knezek
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The first class meets Saturday, January 20, 2001, at 10:00 a.m. in Matthews Hall, room 311. The second meeting is February 17, 2001, and the final meeting will be held April 14, 2001. The course is web-extended with required attendance these 3 times for the course overview (1/20/01), mid-term (2/17/01), and final project presentations (4/14/01).


 Required text: Norton, P. & Wiburg, K. (1998). Teaching with Technology. Harcourt Brace, ISBN     0-15-503087-6.
Texas Center for Educational Technology (1997). START Web Site (Sharing Technology Applications Resources with Teachers)

Optional CD-ROM: Knezek, G., Christensen, R., and others. (1997). Technology Applications Companion on START CD-ROM ($15). (available at TCET in Matthews Hall #207)

Internet in the Classroom - by Rhonda Christensen


This course is for K-12 educators who are interested in integrating technology into teaching and learning. Its focus is on the Technology Applications Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TA-TEKS) and the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), how these can be correlated with other TEKS content areas, and how units of instruction can be developed to appropriately integrate technology into daily classroom practice. Participants should gain a greater understanding of the Technology Applications TEKS and how to introduce them into the curriculum.

The course will be web-based in format, with  real-audio recordings and 24-hour postings (when possible) of video lectures making up a portion of the contact time. Self-paced, pre-recorded web activities, video archives of instructor presentations, and A/V segments from presentations at various workshops and institutes will also make up a significant portion of the class contact time.


Students are responsible for making arrangements for the following:
            (Assignments for Region X students will be modified.)
1.  Gather profile data about a K-12 school of interest, write a brief summary about the school environment and how technology is used (or not used), formulate a theoretical basis scenario for how technology might best be integrated into the classroom environment of the school, and post the data and the write-up to the e-groups listserv for the class. (Click here to see examples of assignment 1)
Due: To be announced.
2.  a. Search the WWW to find sites and on-line print materials relevant to the content in a field (preferably one of your interest) such as reading/language arts, science or mathematics.
    b. Cross-reference the resources you have found in assignment 2a to one of the Technology Applications TEKS Curriculum Connections (or another pre-approved topic). (Click here to see examples of assignment 2b)
Due: To be announced.
    3.  Newsletter - summarize in 500 words what will be presented in your final presentation and your unit of instruction (see #4 below). You should include the name of the unit, the intended grade level, your name as author, your title, poition and location/affiliation. You should list the TEKS that are addressed by your unit and do a "save as" html.Name it newsKnezek.doc etc. where Knezek is replaced with your last name. Remember this is intended as a "hook" for fellow educators like yourself, so they will be interested enough in what they read to go look at your entire unit of instruction in depth. (Click here to see examples of the newsletter assignment.)
    Due: To be announced.

    4. Produce a unit of instruction for a selected Technology Integration activity (be sure to include the theoretical background), submit it in printed (in your notebook - see 5 below) and machine readable form and post it on the class e-groups listserv; then deliver a "show and tell" presentation to the class about your lesson plan (approximately 10 minutes in duration). (Click here to see examples of assignment 4).
    Due: To be announced.

    5. Notebook - Turn in a notebook containing hard copies of assignments 1-4. It should be neat and well organized for your future use. A diskette with electronic copies of all assignments should be placed in it.
    Due: To be announced.

A total of 100 points for the course will be allocated as follows:
Assignment 1 15 points
Assignment 2 20 points
Assignment 3 10 points
Assignment 4 20 points
Assignment 5 - Notebook 05 points
Exam 10 points
Presentation 10 points
Participation 05 points
Attitude pre-post 05 points
Total 100 points
Letter grades will be the higher grade resulting from the following two standards:
top 10%
>=80 & <90
next 20%
>=70 & <80
next 40%
>=60 & <70
next 20%
last 10%

Examples from previous semesters
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Summer 2000 - Newsletters
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Spring 2000 - Final Project Presentations

Previous Semester Lectures (Explanation of theory available here)
Summer 1999 Technology Integration Newsletter No. 1
TEKS Lesson Plans

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