CECS 5610.020

Instructor: Dr. Gerald Knezek
Facilitators: Rebecca Swartz, Dr. Ricky Fluke, and Ben Si
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Class activities will involve discussion of research on specific instructional/technological principles specifically focused on the weaknesses in design, as well as procedures and analysis.  Class memebers will be expected to suggest modifications to the designs or suggest additional investigations substantiating or refuting the authors' conclusions.  Each class member will be expected to come to class prepared to discuss the studies assigned.

Students will review statistical and research concepts at the beginnning of the semester.  Subsequently, the instructor will distribute a study or students will locate studies to summarize or critique.


A total of 100 points for the course will be allocated as follows:
Exam                                                           20 points 
Written Article Summary + 1 Critique          15 points 
Collaborative Research                                10 points 
Written Data Analysis/Research                   05 points 
Exam                                                           15 points 
Design Paper                                               20 points 
Presentations                                               10 points 
Participation                                                  05 points 
   Total                                                      100 points
Letter grades will be the higher grade resulting from the following two standards: 

           >=90  A        top 10%     A 
 >=80    <90  B        next 20%    B 
 >=70    <80  C        next 40%    C 
 >=60    <70  D        next 20%    D 
              <60  F        next 10%    F 

 Contact Information:


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2. McMillin & Wergin.  Understanding & Evaluating Educational Research (Merrill, 1998).

3. Poirot and Knezek.  Technology in Education (The Computing Teacher, Nov 1992, pg 8-9).

4. Trochim, William M. The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 2nd Edition. Internet WWW page, at URL:
               <> (version current as of April 09, 1999).

The CECS department, in cooperation with the Office of Disability Accommodation, complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act in making reasonable accommodations for qualified students with disabilities.  Please present your written accommodation request during office hours before the twelfth day of class.