Theory of Technology Implementation
CECS 6220

Instructor:  Dr. Gerald Knezek

Students will develop an understanding as to


Required Readings:

Optional Readings:



Presentations:  30% Each student will select two topics and present/explain to class.  Additionally, you will provide an annotated bibliography (6), handouts and/or exercises as appropriate. 

Research Paper:   25% Each student will write a paper covering one aspect of the course topics.  The paper should be 10 pages long, double-spaced and should include at least 15 references with appropriate citations within the text. APA format is required.  Topic must be approved by professor.

Class Participation 15% Each student is expected to be an active class participant through attendance, preparation, critical thinking and discussions.  This is my subjective opinion of your contribution to the class.



Three foci of technology implementaion models/theories

Elimination of barriers:
Amplification of human capacity:
Catalyst for change:
U. S. National Educational Technology Plan (ppt)


  Topic 1: What’s the Need? Why Bother?

What’s the value-added of technology? Opportunity for process change; knowledge amplification, serving individual needs, etc.

Topic 2: What does it take for a successful implementation?

Topic 3: Access, Models of Use (1:1, Lab, etc.)

Topic 4: Pedagogical Issues: Curriculum, Instruction, and Integration

Kalinowski, K. (2005).  Pedagogy and instructional Design. (ppt) (annotated bibliography)

Topic 5: Professional Development

 Nelson, T. (2005).  PT3: Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Integrate Technology (ppt) (annotated bibliography)
Nelson, T. (2005).  Professional Development. (ppt) (annotated bibliography)

Topic 6: Assessment

Topic 7: Supportive Community

Gratch, J. (2005).  Supportive Communities. (ppt) (annotated bibliography)

Topic 8: Supportive Administration

 Hossain, A. (2005).  Supportive administration (ppt) (annotated bibliography)

Topic 9: Scaling: One Classroom to One School to One District to….

Topic 10: Total Cost of Ownership of Technology

Topic 11: One Size Fits All: Grade Level, Subject Area, Etc. Differences?

Topic 12: Learners with Special Needs, Assistive & Adaptive Technologies

 Lunce, L. (2005). Adaptive technology for the visually and hearing impaired (ppt) (annotated bibliography) (pdf)

Topic 13: Administrative Issues & Uses, Decision Making

Topic 14: Software, Software, Software

Topic 15: Implementing Virtual Schools, Why & How?

  Lunce, L. (2005). Virtual schools
Rice, J. (2005). Researching virtual playlands (ppt) (annotated bibliography)
  Kaye Shelton (2005). The Florida virtual school: Any time, any place, any path, any pace.

Topic 16: Reflection  & Wrap Up 

Dr. Dana Arrowood
Office: Matthews Hall, 322F