A Connected World

CECS 5400

Course Description: This CECS course at UNT will cover development of educational telecommunications in the United States; theories and practices.

Prerequisites: CECS 5010 or CECS 5011 - Computer Applications, or approval from instructor.

Instructor: Dr.Gerald Knezek

CECS 5400 is being offered as a Web-based course for the first time in the Spring of 1998. Participants will be required to come on campus only three times (1st class, midterm and final exam/ project presentation). Lectures will hopefully be broadcast live via the World Wide Web and recorded for later availability on the Web. Students are welcome to attend class in person or listen to the lectures during class time or later during the week. Assignments,visuals and most materials will be distributed via the WWW. Assignments will be submitted via email and discussions will take place via various Internet services.

Access to an Internet browser and an Internet service provider will be necessary for those enrolling in this course. A Real Player plug-in is needed and can be downloaded at www.real.com.Test your equipment with this audio file or this video file. This week's class can be listened to live Tuesdays 5 :30 pm to 8:10. Links to live broadcasts and previous lectures can also be found on the schedule page.

A new feature is the NetForum BBS system that will allow you to read and contribute comments about special topics.

Before you click on the exam link below, please read the following carefully. This exam has been tested using Windows 95, and Netscape 3.0x and 4.0x, and Internet Explorer 3.0x and 4.0x. Use of any other operating system or browser to take this exam may have unpredictable results. Java is used, therefore the first two pages will load slowly. You must allow each page of the exam to completely load before responding to any of the questions. In addition, be sure to login using the input window that will appear, before answering question number one. If you do not see the login window, look on the task bar. Do not attempt to navigate through the test in any way except by using the green right arrow graphic button. Also, read any additional instructions very carefully, and good luck.

online test

The printable version below is designed to help you prepare for the online exam (ie. print it out and find the answers before attempting the online version). If you have any difficulty with the online exam, mail or fax this version before May 12th at 5pm.

printable version of the final


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