A Connected World

CECS 5420.078
Summer 98

Title:CECS 5420 - Web Authoring

Instructor:Dr. Gerald Knezek

Texts: (1-2 are required, 3-9 are optional)

  1. Lehnert, W. G. (1998) Internet 101: A Beginner's Guide to the Internet and the World Wide Web.
  2. Box K. L. & Kumnuch, E. (1996). Web Spinning: Creating Web Sites for Educators. UNT.
  3. Barron, A. E. & Ivers, K. S. (1996). The Internet and Instruction: Activities and Ideas. Libraries Unlimited.
  4. Harris, J. (1996). Way of the Ferret. (2nd edition) ISTE.
  5. Giagnocavo, G. et.al. (1995). Educator's Internet Companion. Wentworth.
  6. Bradley, J. C. (1995). Quick Guide to the Internet. Thomson
  7. Ackermann, E. (1995). Learning to Use the Internet. Franklin Beedle.
  8. Williams, B. (1996). The Internet for Teachers. IDG Books.
  9. Leshin, C. B. (1996) Internet Adventures. Allyn and Bacon
Course to aid educators and training professionals in developing robust techniques for locating and utilizing Internet resources in their day-to-day activities. Selected exercises from representative categories of tools such as: Telnet, ftp, gopher, WWW, Archie, Veronica, WAIS.

All students are expected to

A total of 100 points for the course 
will be allocated as follows:
Letter grades will be the higher grade resulting 
from the following two standards:
Web site 50 points
2 Assignments 30 points
Web site show & tell 10 points
Participation 10 points
Total 100 points
>=90 A Top 10% A
>=80<90 B Next 20% B
>=70<80 C Next 40% C
>=60<70 D Next 20% D
<=59 F Last 10% F
Cheating and disciplinary action is defined by the UNT Policy Manual Code of Student Conduct and Discipline. Cheating is an act of academic dishonesty. It is defined and is to be handled as follows: "Plagiarism and cheating refer to the use of unauthorized books, notes, or otherwise securing help in a test; copying tests, assignments, reports, or term papers; representing the work of another as one's own; collaborating, without authority, with another student during an examination or in preparing academic work; or otherwise practicing scholastic dishonesty."

Statement on Discrimination:
The University of North Texas provides academic adjustments and auxiliary aids to individuals with disabilities as defined under the law, who are otherwise qualified to meet the institution's academic and employment requirements. Please see the instructor outside of class to make any arrangements involving special accommodations. ADA/EEO/AA

Meeting Information:
The class will meet in 1:30-4:20 Estee's Center on the following dates July 13-16, 20-23 & 27-30.

Office Hours:
By appointment only, before and after class, call 940.565.2057 for appointments. Voice/Voice Mail: 940.565.4195; FAX: 940.565.2185. E-Mail - gknezek@tenet.edu.

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